From learning what sounds letters make to counting to 10, preschool is about discovery. And by the time your child graduates from pre-K, they will have learned a lot. The entire span of lessons and content that your child will be taught during the course of a preschool education is what's known as the Preschool Curriculum.


At Lara’s Day Care, we have a structured schedule and preschool enriched curriculum to ensure that your child achieves every new step of their intellectual, emotional and social development and still feels like they are home! Your child will explore a wide variety of academic, social, physical, and emotional lessons. Our goal is to ensure that our children learn something new every day while they’re playing and having fun! Our staff is constantly taking new courses and updating themselves regarding all the best practices in Child Development. Preschool activities and materials are offered for kids 3 years and older, although all the children may participate in activities like circle time if schedule allows. Although we follow a curriculum, teachers may vary their educational approaches to suit the needs of individual children in their class.


While preschools don't adhere to educational guidelines, our intention is to prepare your child for kindergarten. That means we’ll work on following key skill areas:

• Letters, Numbers, Shapes, Colors, Calendar (including the seasons and months of the year)

• Sharing, Cooperation, Taking turns.

• Creative development through music, dance and movement, art, and drama.

• Math Skills: Sorting objects, Ability to count verbally, Recognizing numerals, Understanding size and patterns, Logic (through games and puzzles)

• Fine Motor Skills: Cutting, Gluing, Coloring, Drawing, Writing letters and numbers, Gluing, Using tableware.

• Gross Motor Skills: Physical activities like running, jumping, skipping, hopping on one foot, and using playground equipment and balls.


We believe that children learn best when they’re playing! While it may look like a preschooler is simply playing in the preschool classroom all day, that's not the case. Play is so much more than a child having fun, though kids are certainly having lots of that. Children will be involved in several types of play, including both structured and unstructured, allowing them to practice different skills in different ways.During any given day, preschoolers will take part in different activities that will help them to develop their abilities in different areas. We will have specific activities, such as circle time, song time, calendar time, active play time, story time, table learning time and craft time. We will also work on transitional periods that exist between activities like learning how to walk in a line with peers and how to clean up toys and supplies.


Lara’s Daycare will use specific materials and activities to encourage children in hands-on learning. You’ll receive more details about the program after enrollment. All the materials will be provided by the Day Care.