Program Details

HOURS: We're open Monday through Friday, from 7:30AM to 5:30PM, and we work with different schedules. Please contact us for current schedules available.

AGES: We accept children from 6 months to 4 years old. To check current spots availability, please contact us at the Enrollment page.

LOCATION: We're located in Richmond CA, at Country Club Vista area, in a very safe neighborhood. We live in a spacious house with a large backyard witha a Playground structure.

FAMILY-LIKE ENVIRONMENT: We work with mixed-ages groups to mimic family structures, promote leadership among older children and stimulate each other's development in academic and social skills. We funcion just like a family, we play, eat, sleep and learn together.

STRUCTURED PROGRAM: We always have a busy day filled with different activities like reading, coloring, arts and crafts, music, circle time, preschool learning, outside play, physical activities (like kids yoga and dancing) and so much more!

PRESCHOOL: Your preschool child won't miss anything! Children 3 years and older will have a Preschool Curriculum and they'll learn their ABC's, numbers, shapes, colors, ASL basic signs and much more!


Nutritious Food

Lara's Day Care is an avid participant in the USDA Food Program, whose focus is to provide children with the very best nutritional start in life.

For parents it means good nutrition for your children without all the trouble having to prepare, pack and send them to Childcare.

With childhood obesity being the number one health issue for many of our children, choosing a provider that participates in the Child Care Food Program is one way to help your child develop lifelong healthy eating habits.

Nutritional, delicious and home made meals (breakfast, lunch and snack) will be provided daily by the Childcare as part of the program.

All children will be offered the same meals at no separate charge with no physical segregation or other discrimination. We have vegetarian options.

Meal Sample

We strive to make meals and snacks as nutritious as possible. We serve a variety of healthy foods with an emphasis on whole grain breads an cereals, fresh fruits and vegetables, and protein from both animal and vegetable sources.

We serve whole milk to children between 1-2 years old, and low-fat (1%) milk to children 2 years and older. We serve foods of high nutrient value. We limit high fat, high sugar foods that are low in nutrient value, in an attempt to help children learn to enjoy healthy foods.

Here is an example of the meal components we usually serve for each meal:


  • GRAIN or PROTEIN: Oatmeal - Cheerios - Toast - Eggs - Waffle -Pancake
  • FRUIT: Strawberry - Blueberry - Bananas - Melon - Papaya
  • MILK (whole or 1%)


  • GRAIN: Brow Rice - Pasta (rotini, penne, macarroni, etc) - Tortillas - Barley
  • PROTEIN: Tofu - Chicken - Cheese - Beans (pinto, black, refried, etc) - Ground Beef
  • VEGETABLE: Broccoli - Cauliflower - Corn - Tomatoes - Cucumber - Mixed Veggies
  • FRUIT: Grapes - Apples - Pineapple - Melon - Oranges - Pears - Mango - Watermelon
  • MILK (whole or 1%)


  • GRAIN OR PROTEIN: Crackers (graham, ritz, saltini, rice, etc) - String Cheese - Yogurt
  • FRUIT: Grapes - Apples - Pineapple - Melon - Oranges - Pears - Mango - Watermelon