Infant Care

Infants demonstrate many different skills and capabilities. While some young infants might be content to play and rest in a fairly small area, other infants will crawl, walk, or even run, though almost all infants need some help with the daily routines of feeding and toileting.

Typically, infants require the most direct care from adults, but this can vary depending upon each child’s developmental level and specific needs.

According to Licensing regulation, Lara’s Day Care will not have more than 4 infants enrolled at the same time.

Important Information about Infant Care

Our program is open to infants starting at 6 months of age. Infants usually require more time and attention from our Childcare Provider, so a few items need to be observed.


What do I need to bring for my infant?

Parents are required to bring the following supplies for their infant:

  • Diapers;
  • Wipes;
  • 3 changing of clean clothes (for any accident);
  • Bottles;
  • Breastmik (Formula is provided by Child Care, although parents can opt to bring their own formula).

When the baby starts to eat regular food, it will be also provided by the Child Care (breakfast, lunch and snacks).


Can my infant have a pacifier?

Yes! Infants can have a pacifier, which cannot be attached by a string to the infants’ clothing.


Where is my infant going to sleep?

Targeting to reduce SIDS, provider will always place infants only on their backs to sleep. This is a recommendation from the American Academy of Pediatrics. Infants will never be put to sleep on beanbag cushions, foam pads, foam sofa cushions, waterbeds, synthetic-filled adult pillows, a couch, a chair or an adult bed – only in a crib or pack and play. Bumpers, pillows, toys or blankets will not be used in cribs. Provider is not allowed to put infants to sleep on car seats or to swaddle infants, even if requested by parents.